Press Release

The Spring Summer 2011 salon show of Ann-Sofie Back Atelje, marks the 10th anniversary of the label. While retaining the strong ideas for which she has become known, this season Back has designed a collection for a more mature and sophisticated client. The adjunct of Atelje to the label (meaning Atelier in Swedish) reflects the higher production values, fabrics and finishing produced by high end production unit PR3 in France. The intimacy of a salon show enables the appreciation of these elements, which represent a fundamental change in the direction of the label.

A special collaboration was made with Dutch textile designer Bart Hess on fabrics and prints. While Ann-Sofie Back also worked with the architect Julian Hakes on shoes. The theme of the collection is porn and the sexualisation of society.

“I usually look for inspiration in social phenomena that I don’t understand or disagree with, like celebrity culture in the past or like this time, porn. I am interested in what I call the pornification of society, how socially accepted porn imagery is to us and how un-titillating and un-shocking. It is not about morals, I don’t know what I think, which is probably why I find it interesting. The collection itself is for me very restrained, clean and non- porn”

The collection is only available in black and white reflecting the clean and simple sensibility of the collection. Twelve looks will be presented in total.

Exit one: A clean, wet look dress in fabric designed in collaboration with Bart Hess. Silver ring by Helene Carlson for Ann-Sofie Back Atelje.

Exit two: A crepe jersey collar and a wool coat with silver rings cuffs. Underneath a clear, twisted plexi bra.

Exit three: A draped, crepe jersey top with weight jewellery attached in the back. Underneath; a long, slim skirt with plexi detailing, securing the drape in the front and a twisted, smoke, plexi hat.

Exit four: A black, cutaway, taffeta jacket with an offwhite, boat neck, jersey top and skinny slacks with an exaggerated press crease. Silver necklace by Helene Carlson for Ann-Sofie Back Atelje.

Exit five: An offwhite, crepe jersey dress with a rushed circular detail on the bust.

Exit six: A black, crepe turtleneck jumper with a silver ring necklace detail. Underneath, a cutaway, organza skirt and tailored slim trousers with an ankle bracelet.

Exit seven: An offwhite, taffeta dress with a large silver ring opening in the back and twisted smoke sunglasses.

Exit eight: A long, bandeau dress in black crepe viscose with a silver garter around the thigh.

Exit nine: A sharp, tailored jacket with sharp shoulders and a matte organza blouse with a large silver ring opening in the back. High-waisted, crepe trousers and a plexi ball belt and a black leather handbag.

Exit ten: A crepe, jersey top with a silver ring cuff on the sleeve and a long, wide, silk finish skirt with garter detail and a clear plexi bra.

Exit eleven: A long halter style crepe dress with a silver weight in the back, securing the drape. Weight earrings by Helene Carlson for Ann-Sofie Back Atelje.

Exit twelve: A long, halter neck evening dress with a plexi belt. Silver handle leather handbag and weight necklace by Helene Carlsson for Ann-Sofie Back Atelje.