Press Release

Ann-Sofie is continuing her research into what she knows best; normal, everyday life. 

"What interests me with fashion are the social and cultural aspects. I draw inspiration from that, how we disguise, confuse and lie with our clothes. The way we dress to aspire to status, class or originality e.g. I attempt to find something that bears relevance to my own life, that encompass my reality. I want the wearer to get attached within the bounds of familiarity and reality rather than fantasy."

This season Ann-Sofie draws inspiration from 'Home-sewing catalogues,' found in the haberdashery section in large department stores. Each pattern design translates last season's high street hits, often inspired by the catwalk from the previous season. With Ann-Sofie's collection they are brought back into fashion. Instead of directly copying the patterns, they have been moulded into hybrids of the Burda, Vogue and Simplicity clothes, turning them into unnaturally 'normal' clothes. 

"I want to create a kind of consciousness to the relationship between us and the everyday objects around us."

The style in this collection are a collage of what these catalogues consist of, tunics, fringing, inverted pleats, trumpet-sleeves, halter-necks, slits, hoods, etc. This A/W collection reads like an A to Z of beginner's sewing and design cliches. These are clothes without ambition, because they are instantly recognisable. 

Fabrics are as mundane as those usually used by Ann-Sofie; crepe, chenille knits, velour, leathertte, jerseys, fake silver lame and white lace.